Hello, World!

For about a year now I've been wanting to share my knowledge and thoughts. I even wrote a few articles like What I wish I knew before implementing X, but never got to publish them. I've been lacking a suitable place, hence I decided to create jakub.codes.

Do not overengineer

I asked my friends what they think. Although they were saying it's a good idea, they were following that up with stories about how much effort they put into building their's blogs and how shortly after they abandoned them. I've heard too many stories like this and fallen for the same trap too many times to repeat the same mistake. I promised myself I won't over engineer this blog. I can spend half a day geeking out over svg animations in css, but is it going to make my content read-worthy? No.

However, I think there's a balance to be kept — I disagree with Casey Niestat's statement:

Gear doesn't matter.

I think gear doesn't matter as long as it does not spoil the consuming experience. Applying that to my website, I intentionally left out features like browsing by tags or searching or recommendations and put focus on basic layout. Once I publish enough of high-quality content to get attention, I'll implement additional features.

What can you expect to find here?

I struggle to put things I'd like to write about under one label. The majority of the content will be iOS development related. However, I don't want to limit myself to a slightest degree — don't be surprised to see a writeup of Raspberry Pi project. Occasionally, I'd like to talk about my mental struggles in hope to normalise those in the industry.

How often will I post?

I have no idea. Forcing myself to write sounds like a recipe for hating writing. Strict goals and rigor aren't my cup of tea. Instead, I'd like to keep being curiosity and creativity driven. If that won't be enough, my plan is to incorporate writing in my daily schedule, let's say for 30 minutes after arriving at the office each morning. Since I'll post irregularly, follow me on twitter to stay up to date with my posts.


Even when writing this I am actively fighting my perfectionism and imposter syndrome. Creating confidently, while being aware that there are resources created by individuals with way more experience and credibility, doesn't come effortlessly. Despite the fact that I am less experienced, I hope my content can be valuable and interesting. Enjoy.

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