Jakub Towarek


HIG focused iOS developer & iOS Research and Development lead

📡 Technologies

UIKit SwiftUI RxSwift Combine Speech DocC Starscream Cocoapods Carthage Swift Package Manger Git Git Flow Semantic Versioning Metapod Keeping a Changelog Bitrise App Center TestFlight Crashlitycs Firebase Analytics Klaviyo SDK AppsFlyer SDK DialogFlow Snapshot Testing BDD

🥷 Experience

iOS Research and Development Lead @ Netguru

August 2021 ~ Present

iOS Developer @ Netguru

January 2020 ~ Present

Design System For Food Delivery Company

Voice Assistant App For Easy CRM Access

IoT App For Startup

Junior iOS Developer @ Netguru

October 2019 ~ January 2020

💡 Open Source

SwiftOLED & SwiftGFX

Two Swift libraries developed while tinkering with Raspberry Pi and SwiftOnArm. I wanted to use Swift, but there wasn't a library that would let me display data on external OLED display, so I created two - one for drawing pixel buffer on the screen and second one, a graphics library, capable of rendering text to pixel buffer. Both have nice READMEs. I even got some contributions.

📢 Languages

I am fluent in English - I hold IELTS C1 certificate.

🔗 Links

📚 Education

After finishing technical high school and passing IT Specialist certification I started Applied Computer Science major at Newcastle University in UK. Shortly after, I got accepted for junior iOS developer position, so I dropped out.